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3 Common Issues Mac Users May Encounter

Macs are some of the most reliable computers around, however they are still vulnerable to common computer issues. If you have a Mac, it can be disconcerting when there is a problem with your system and things don’t work as they should. Before you start to worry, let’s look at some common issues with Mac computers and how to fix them.

Problems During Startup

A Mac that does not boot properly can leave you wondering what went wrong. If you’ve been stuck on a blank or gray screen, try booting your laptop in Safe Mode. This allows you to start your computer with the bare minimum and check what is wrong, performing repairs and troubleshooting to find the cause of your problems.

apple support service

Unresponsive Apps

Sometimes, certain apps will stop working and leave you hanging. When apps freeze, the first thing you should do is quit. Force Quit allows you to get out of the app and troubleshoot the issue. In some cases, you may need to reinstall the app while other times you may need a technician to see what the issue is.

No network Connection

Having no internet access can be detrimental, especially when you use your Mac to handle tasks and operations for your profession. One of the ways you can try to solve this issue is by forgetting the network and then reconnecting to it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact an apple support service to get care from professionals that have experience dealing with Mac network connectivity issues.

Computer problems can be stressful, as many people dread having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix problems. Luckily, some of the most common problems have an easy fix. Now you know what to do when you experience problems during startups, apps do not respond, or network connectivity is interrupted.