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Two Simple Things Top Golf Clubs Do

There is a lot of fierce competition out there when it comes to the world of golf course ownership. Clubs strive to maintain member retention and gain more attention from potential golf players, increasing their revenue and keeping their spot at the top. If you’re new to owning a course or have want to gain better footing, it’s important to look at what top clubs do to remain relevant and successful. Let’s look at some of the ways you can make sure that your golf club achieves the success you desire.

Hire Qualified Candidates

Hiring is an essential part of club management and ensures that your members have the best experience possible. Investing in human capital is worth it, and many clubs spend over 50 percent of their revenue on payroll. Hiring the best candidates means individuals are providing guests with exceptional experiences. Employees should be committed to maintaining the standards of the club, which is a worthwhile investment for any facility.


It is important that managers maintain communicated between different departments in the club as well as members. Because there are so many mediums that can be used to communicate, clubs can communicate with individuals in several different ways to ensure that management, staff, members, and the board receive important information. Video communication is growing as well as electronic newsletters, emails, and websites.

club management

If you’re looking to run a successful golf club, learning from the top clubs is a good strategy to use. Top clubs have mastered the art of retaining members, giving individuals an excellent experience, and keeping their amenities updated. Some of the things you can learn from top clubs is to focus on the member experience, hire candidates that are fit for the job, and communicate through different platforms.